Facebook Ads for Promotion: Is THIS Irresponsible?

by Shawn Smith on November 25, 2010

I know it’s been a really long time since I last posted. Hopefully you guys still trust me! :)

Anyway, I found this today and was kinda shocked.

My Facebook account shows me ads from the Detroit area sometimes (even though my account has been updated to reflect that I live in Bangkok now.).

I saw this ad today on Facebook from local Detroit TV station Channel 7 wxyz.com.

Advertising your story on Facebook seems like an awesome way to promote your story – albeit likely very expensive (my guess is they are paying at least $0.50 per click and I can’t imagine their bounce rate isn’t less than 70%.

So what’s wrong with this ad?

First of all, don’t we *theoretically* still live in a country where people are considered innocent until proven guilty? From all I can read in this ad, the person pictured is said to be involved in a number of hit and runs – and she doesn’t care and she won’t stop. BUT the police apparently aren’t going after her. Why not?

The problem is, has this woman been charged or proven guilty of these crimes? If not, isn’t this ad making her guilty in the minds of all people who see it? The ad says police aren’t pursuing her. So my guess is she hasn’t faced a judge for these alleged crimes.

I wanted to confirm this, but when I clicked the ad to read the story, I came to this:

What do you guys think?

Is this an example of irresponsible promotion?