Become a PhotoShop ninja: 101 time-slashing tips in 5 minutes!

by Shawn Smith on June 25, 2008

If you work on the web, you likely use PhotoShop regularly. But that doesn’t mean you use it well.

Deke McClelland of has written more than 80 books, including "For Dummies" works on Photoshop and he’s translated some of his knowledge into a 5 minute music video spilling more than 101 PhotoShop quick-keys and shortcuts . Check it out. You might learn something!

If you’re interested in how to do more effects and fancy stuff in PhotoShop, check out PSDTUTS – it’s a great blog with a lot of flashy tutorails.

One other resource I enjoy is the You Suck at PhotoShop video tutorial series . See an example below:

Do you have any great PhotoShop resources that have helped you? Share some link love here!


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