Twixperiment part II: Michigan Twitter Network launched

by Shawn Smith on February 5, 2008

Note: Apologies for double RSS sends today. Somehow my previous entry was unpublished and I had to get it back out there.

The other day I mentioned that the MLive Twitter account will try to follow all the Twitterers in Michigan. I know I didn’t catch every Michigan Tweeter, but I did find more than 1,300 people to follow. That was phase I of the MLive twixperiment.

Now for phase II

Some of the Michigan twitterers were so excited to have MLive follow them, they sent us direct messages and “@”‘s to thank us for following. We have yet to receive any negative feedback.

So creating a page for the network was the logical step. Check out the Michigan Twitter Network on MLive.

The MTN aggregates tweets from all Michigan twitterers that MLive has followed. It also points users to Twitter resources that they can use to interact better with Twitter.

UPDATE: We’ve noticed some loading problems in IE. Anyone know why when refreshing a Twitter flash load in IE, the box then goes blue? Works fine in Firefox/

What do you think? Cool? Not cool?

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