Need primaries coverage? Use Twitter to find it

by Shawn Smith on January 15, 2008

Michigan voters head to the polls to vote for their favorite GOP candidate, Clinton or no one or to skew the Republican primary. All the news sites are reporting the same stuff. McCain this, Romney that. Who’s got the good stuff? Who’s on the ground with the action?

To find the sideline stories about the event of election day, I turned to Twitter, my trusty friend.Voters by Ana Marie Cox

I started following Ana Marie Cox (Washington Editor of after reading a recommendation by Jeff Jarvis, and my updates showed that she traveled to Michigan and was covering the primaries. This was cool and great news. I tried sending her a direct message to get the inside scoop on what she was doing, but she was likely too busy (and she doesn’t know me) to respond. (photo by anamariecox btw)

But after visiting her page, I found a link to her blog Swampland at, and then from there I found her Flickr page where she was uploading photos from her campaign coverage.

So what did that turn into? Well, for starters, we posted a synopsis of some of the Swampland coverage at MLive, and sent a link to them. This falls in line with the “aggregation will win you users” philosophy. Our users see that our staff and the staff of our papers is scouring the web and beating the streets to make sure we have the best elections coverage.

Knowing an interview with Cox would have been gold but not getting it got me thinking about what else I could find on Twitter to help supplement our coverage. Here’s what else I found, via Twittersearch:

Wouldn’t it be nice to point Michigan elections users in the direction of all these resources? Thanks Twitter! (find me on Twitter)

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