Journalists: Help bloggers save the planet

by Shawn Smith on October 14, 2007

CNN Sunday Morning reminded me that Oct. 15 marks Blog Action Day – a concerted effort by thousands of bloggers who will post about the environment to reach more than 12 million readers on Earth’s environmental issues.

I don’t encourage anyone to write in favor or against a particular issue. But this is something to pay attention to, and possibly participate in.

With articles about global warming at all-time high (my guess) and more and more communities looking for ways to create renewable energy, wouldn’t it be nice for traditional journalists to join in the effort?

Sure, this event is called Blog Action Day, but this event is more of a media event. If CNN can talk about it, why not newspapers and nightly newscasts? Do we have to relegate environmental stories to Earth Day pullouts?

This is a pretty cool opportunity for traditional journalists to participate in something that the citizenry is interested in. Why not?

Check out some tips and topics to write about at BlogHerald.


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