@USA Today On Deadline (and others): If you’re going to talk about Facebook, don’t ignore it

by Shawn Smith on July 26, 2007

USA Today On Deadline led me to an epiphany the other day: News sites can use social networking communities to build traffic back to the news sites!

How do news sites do it? Well, they don’t. At least, not effectively.

Since the USA Today On Deadline blog announced to blog readers on June 19 that they have a profile on Facebook, only 40 friends have friended the profile (as of 12:00 a.m. July 26, I am one of the friends, plus 15 of the friends are USA Today staffers).

Why such a low number? I’m not sure how the On Deadline profile person is managing the profile friend adds, so there might be more to it than just requesting to be added as a friend.

But another reason the friend number may be low is because readers don’t know On Deadline is on Facebook despite the post. Readers who might have missed the July 19th post will never again have the chance to know that On Deadline is on Facebook, unless they get lucky.

But what can USA Today On Deadline and other news sites do to build communities with their blogs?

Add the link button to the Facebook profile next to the RSS button. Simple solution. Now the fact that readers can connect with you through social networking is front and center.

USA Today On Deadline could use a facebook icon

Think that would work? Just an idea for you guys, but I think you could generate more friends that way if that’s the goal.

Anyone else tried this on a news site blog? What has been your results?

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